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SME Corporate Enterprise
PackageChoice of alternative payment options (up to)468
Transaction reports
eCommerce platform plug-ins
e.g. Sabre, Woocommerce, Xero,...etc.
$20 monthly$20 monthlyFree
AppPay (all-in-one mobile payment app.)1 free license
$8 monthly per extra license
5 free license
$8 monthly per extra license
Call us
Direct payment link
Data dashboardFree for 30 days
$10 monthly thereafter
Account and technical serviceOffice hours email and hotline
7 x 24 Support$15 monthly
PricingOne-off account setup and support fee $300$600Call us
Monthly fee (prepaid annually)$35$60Call us
Transaction fee * 0.35% + $0.30.28% + $0.2Call us
Additional alternative payments
(each extra payment option)
Setup Fee$50
Monthly fee (prepaid annually) $20
Value-add services (non-card) (optional)Customised payment page$20 monthly
Testing account & technical support fee$300$500Call us

Notes: Price in AUD and tax will be added on top
* Acquirer fee not included

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