What is PayDollar AppPay?

PayDollar AppPay is a mobile application which allows merchants to accept multiple payments through QR code and payment link with their own smart mobile devices.

Payment Channels

Consumer-presented mode: Customer displays the QR code on his/her smart mobile device, the merchant scans the QR code to collect payment;

Merchant-presented mode: Merchant enters the amount to be received, generates a QR code and presents to the customer to scan and collect payment;

Payment Link / QR code: Merchant enters the amount to be paid, generates a payment link/QR code, shares the link / QR code to their customers through email or instant messengers;

Terminal QR code: Customer scans the Terminal QR code (which contains Merchant ID and Terminal ID) to open a payment page, enters the amount and proceeds the payment on PayDollar Payment Page.


  • QR payments acceptance - Fully integrated with PayDollar payment gateway to accept QR code payments with merchant-presented mode and customer-presented mode;
  • Payment link/QR code sharing - Allow merchants to input the invoice no, payment amount, link expiry date and customized message to generate a link / QR code, share with their customers through email or instant messenger e.g. LINE, WhatsApp, etc.;
  • Payment notifications - Customer clicks on the payment link and they will be redirected to PayDollar payment page to proceed payment. Push notification will be sent after successful payment. Meanwhile, PayDollar AppPay will list out all the generated payment links that are unpaid;
  • Payment history - A summary of all transactions relating to particular transaction no., payment method and channel, amount, date and time can be viewed from PayDollar AppPay;
  • All in one account - Allow merchants to accept local and multiple QR payment methods from different countries in one single account;
  • Technical support - Provide 24x7 local technical support across 15 operation offices in Asia.


Drive Sales & Increase Revenue
Drive sales & increase revenue
Reduces queue time to pay for purchases and enables acceptance of payments through payment links or terminal code at anytime, anywhere;
Drive Sales & Increase Revenue
No extra hardware cost
Merchants can accept payments with their own smart devices or through PayDollar payment page.
Easy Installation
Easy instalation
Takes a few minutes to download and install PayDollar AppPay. Simple to use with just few taps.