Drive more sales with exclusive
card discounts at checkout.

PromoPay lets you provide customers with various discount rates during checkout based on the credit card brand – whether Visa, Mastercard, JCB or American Express, they will use for payment.

cardpromo service overview
Increase Sales
Boost Online Revenue

Encourage shoppers to buy more items by giving discounts and limited-time offers before they checkout.

Improve Retention
Entice Repeat Purchase

Convince customers to make continued purchases from you by offering deals they won’t find elsewhere.

Deliver Value
Increase Customer Value

Beat customer expectations by allowing shoppers to save more money by using their credit cards.


Campaign Maintenance

Campaign Maintenance

Easily manage multiple promotions concurrently while tracking each campaign’s performance via a single dashboard.

Promotion Rule Maintenance

Rule Maintenance

Set various campaign parameters like discount types, minimum charges, and discount rates based on your needs.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Display the language your target customers know best to simplify the purchasing process for them.