Streamline ticket buying
for event-goers in Australia.

EventPay is a value-added service that provides event organizers with the facility to easily accept online payments from ticket buyers in Australia for virtually any type of event – theatrical plays, concerts, trade shows, and more.

Strengthen your brand throughout the checkout process.
Jump-Start Your Events
Accept Every Payment

Grow your events business with a reliable platform that lets you take all the major payment methods in Australia.

 Improve Consumer Protection
Sell More Tickets

Enable attendees to easily pay for tickets online across multiple devices – desktops, smartphones, whichever they prefer.

Reduce Operational Costs
Cut Operational Costs

Lessen business expenses by processing payments online instead of selling tickets and handling cash manually.


Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard

Keep a close eye on the performance of each event with detailed reports on sales, transactions, and settlements.

Expandable Configuration

Expandable Configuration

EventPay works flawlessly with other PayDollar value-added services – e-voucher, card promotion, and more.